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Walkus Consulting Solutions, was founded in 2008, it has the potential to grow into a world leader in small business consulting. For most of its history, Walkus Consulting Solutions has distributed its services via a network of small business prospects and companies that are in the development phase.

The company strives to provide the best customer relations and professional consulting services to each client (no matter how large or small the vision). We will bring your business and spiritual vision to life, one project at a time.

Walkus Consulting Solutions, operates under the leadership of Thomas E. Walker (Ret.). Mr. Walker retired from the Armed Forces after 20 years. Following his retirement, he enrolled and graduated from Devry University after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Technical Management with concentration in Small Business entrepreneurship degree. His vision is to provide innovative persons with the opportunity to start their own businesses and organizations to reachout to others through the World Wide Web.

Walkus Consulting Solutions, is a service based company as well as a christian based business that specializes in consulting with potential business owners, church organizations, and Non-Profit organizations in pursuing their dream of worldwide evenagelism, business ownership and financial independence. The company has enjoyed great success as its services have gained a strong niche in its target market.
Walkus Consuslting Solutions Internet Based Company (951) 660-3590
One Project, One Vision at a Time.